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Live video from CatCam-Zakynthos-Greece camera

THE 2.CATCAM Greek LIVE STREAM for our Cats from & House Marathia - -Please be patient the stream starts in 5-30 sec - We want to winter our four Marathia stray-cats under cosy and snug conditions and so we installed a Mobotix CatCam, which shows the place where they’ll play, sleep and find food. If ever it should become necessary in the dead of winter, our friends and neighbours will care for extra food supply.  Since December 2013 we’ve got another permanent ‘resident’ in House Marathia; she’s called ‘Socke’; she was welcomed quite fervently by the three ‘regulars’ and from then on they’ve formed a homogeneous gang of four. In the summer of 2014 it somehow turned out, that ‘Socke’ is a tomcat from the bottom of ‘her’ heart! This is why our two, true females ‘Puppi’ and ‘Dina’ sometimes ask themselves, if the tomcats ‘Romero’ and ‘Socke’ might be looking for trouble – or vice versa. There’s also a fifth cat, a mouse-catching tiger cat, roaming around and enjoying the food offered for free on the terrace; as the four ‘permanents’ don’t really like her, she prefers leaving after her meals before trouble is ahead. ‘Romero’ and Socke’ are castrated, ‘Puppi’ and ‘Dina’ got sterilized, and the four are taken care of – if need be - by one of the most outstanding veterinarians - Marion Oppel from Austria.  The CatCam shows:  Frame 1: The CatCam’s inbuilt passive infrared detector registers the cats‘ movements within a certain space and sends the current frames to the respective server. If you have any questions,please send a email: zante(at)